Meet Your Ambassadors

Julian Battle

College of Health Professions

"Coming into VCU MCV, I had the ambition to be a part of a program that promotes and shines a light on the diversity in the medical field. I am interested in the opportunity to, not only share my experience as a minority in the medical field, but also to hear other experiences from different healthcare professionals that identify as minorities."

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Student in front of VCU College of Health Professions

Francine Singson

College of Health Professions

"I chose to be a SCIE Ambassador to advocate for the representation of the AAPI community not only in the field of mental health and rehabilitation, but also here on the MCV Campus and beyond. With the increase in hate crimes towards individuals of AAPI descent, the inclusion of our voices in places where decisions are made is especially salient."

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Quinlyn Highsmith

School of Medicine

"I chose to become a SCIE Ambassador because a passion of mine is to educate others on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I want to be surrounded by those with similar passions. I expect to listen, learn, and be heard. I hope that no one belittles or invalidates another person’s experience."

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Terry Everett

School of Medicine

"As I entered the medical campus, I began to notice that this would be an uphill challenge that I would have to begin early and the SCIE ambassador program is the way to do so. I want to learn how to transfer my passions into  palpable skills that could be of service to those who feel as if they do not have a voice in the healthcare field."

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Student standing in scrubs

Ladan Karim-Nejad

School of Pharmacy

"I chose to be an SCIE Ambassador because I wanted to learn more about ways healthcare students can contribute to their school environment and make a more inclusive, environmentally conscious campus. I believe these qualities would make future healthcare providers better prepared to meet the needs of their patients and communities."

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Student in white coat

Sunny Makwana

School of Pharmacy

"I chose to be an SCIE ambassador because I feel that this position would enable me to make changes that benefit my peers and future students. I haven’t noticed a glaring issue yet, but I’m ready to give my input on suggestions made by other ambassadors, and I will suggest my own changes as they come up."

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