Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students are in the VCU Acceleration program?
A: The VCU Acceleration program has the capacity for 38 participants.  As the number of applications varies from year to year, we do not provide odds or statistics of placement.

Q: Do you accept out-of-state students?
A: Yes absolutely!  As long as participants are able to commit to the program requirements, live on-campus and attend all of the summer session, out-of-state students are welcome to apply.

Q: I applied to VCU but haven't been accepted yet, can I apply to VCUA?
A: Yes. The VCUA application opens in the fall well before university admission decisions are out. If you have applied to VCU as a first-time freshman for admission to the fall semester, you are welcome to apply to VCUA. An offer to attend VCUA is contingent upon your acceptance to VCU. 

Q: I’ve already sent my transcripts and test scores to VCU, do I have to send them again?
A: Yes.  The materials you sent before went to the university’s general admissions office. We do not have access to these materials, nor permission to view them per FERPA laws.  

Q: I am a transfer student/entering in the spring/have tested out of first-year courses, can I still apply?
A: Unfortunately no. The academic scope of VCUA focuses solely on first-year math and science coursework. For that reason we require a full commitment to the entire first-year college experience. We encourage you to explore other and for alternative opportunities. 

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: There is no direct cost for the program. The summer session is completely free, housing is provided at no cost and a stipend is given to each participant to cover food.  During the academic year, participants are required to cover their room and board for on-campus housing just as any other first-year student.

Q: Do I have to live on-campus?
A: Yes. VCUA is based on a living-learning community model where participants live together and take similar courses throughout the year together.  Combined with the shared goal of becoming a health professional, this living-learning environment fosters support and a multidisciplinary approach to tackling core math and science courses that are critical in the first year for pre-health students.

Q: How do I make my housing/roommate/VCU Orientation choice?
A: Once accepted to VCU you will be prompted to select housing, the option for a roommate and a VCU Orientation date.  Make all of these decisions as soon as you are able and as if you are NOT attending VCUA. This ensures that if you do not get in, you still have your first options available to you. For accepted students, we provide instructions on how to switch closer to the program.

Q: Can I still live with my roommate?
A: No, unless your roommate choice also applies and is accepted to VCUA. VCUA participants room with other participants during the summer and academic year.  

Q: I have a vacation scheduled for the middle of the program, can I still go?
A: Attendance is required for the entirety of the summer program. Participants may miss up to one day.  If you are concerned about a scheduling conflict, please email us at regarding the dates in question.