Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a track?
A: SAEP is composed of four health professional tracks of dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and physical therapy, represented by four of the five health professional schools at VCU. Track selection is required and determines the type of instruction participants receive. Applications without track selection are not reviewed.

Q: Can I select more than one track? 
A: No, not in the same cycle. SAEP is a pre-professional preparation, not an exploration program. Participants are certain about the track or career they want and use SAEP to pursue it. If you are reapplying you are welcome to do so to the same or a different track.

Q: I'm reapplying. Can I use the same references?
A: Yes and no. You are welcome to ask the same references but you should request new letters.  At least a year has passed since your last application which means time and opportunity to grow. You want your letters, personal statement and transcript if applicable to reflect these new positive changes.

Q: I'm a sophomore. Can I still apply?
A: Maybe. If you have enough credits to qualify as a junior and meet the other course and GPA requirements, then yes. You should update the education section of your VCU P.A.T.H.S. Profile to reflect your status and apply.

Q: Do you accept non-VCU and out-of-state students?
A: Yes absolutely!  As long as participants are able to commit to the program requirements, live on-campus and attend all of the summer session, non-VCU and out-of-state students are welcome to apply.

Q: I attended multiple colleges. Do you need official transcripts from all of them?
A: Yes, to an extent. You should send official transcripts from any college that you are currently attending, have graduated from or received prerequisites/the bulk of your credits from.  

Q: I don't have access to my old SAT/ACT scores. How do I get them?
A: We do not need copies, only the score entered in the education section of your VCU P.A.T.H.S. Profile. First try to get a password reset from the College Board and log in online. Second try your college registrar's office to access your initial application materials. Last, check with your high school if it's been five years or less. If all else fails, give your best estimate or mark "have not taken." 

Q: If I'm taking Organic Chemistry right now, can I still apply?
A: Maybe! If you are taking Orgo I in the fall and Orgo II in the spring then yes. As long as the course will be complete before the start of SAEP then you are welcome to apply.

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: There is no direct cost for the program. The summer session is completely free, housing is provided at no cost and a stipend is given to each participant to cover food.  Participants are responsible for their own travel costs and have the option of purchasing discounted VCU parking and gym passes while attending.

Q: Do I have to live on-campus?
A: Yes. All SAEP participants are required to live on-campus in the provided free housing.  SAEP is based on a living-learning community model where participants live, take courses and work together.

Q: I have another commitment scheduled during SAEP, can I still go?
A: Maybe. Attendance is required for the entirety of the summer program. Participants may miss up to two days for extenuating circumstances as long as they are not during orientation week.  If you are concerned about a scheduling conflict, please email us at regarding the dates in question.